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Email checker: What is it used for? 

Sending emails is an inevitable part of any business. You might be an individual entrepreneur or the owner of a big company, an experienced marketer, or professional in any other area, but still, you will surely need to send messages to your clients, partners, and prospective customers. Many individuals send messages manually, but there are also lots of experts who use automated solutions for forwarding e-letters to all the users in the database. However, in both cases, you will surely face an issue when a significant part of the emails fail to be delivered for different reasons. But is it possible to verify email before sending a message? Can email verification be fast and easy-to-do? Sure! Email checkers are developed right to suit the needs of those who want to get a top-notch and user-friendly email verifying software.

What is an email checker? The basic facts 

How to check if an email is valid? You can effortlessly check if email is valid in no longer than a couple of seconds. A free email verifier is a unique tool that allows you to check whether the chosen email is real. The results are quite precise since the utility checks the address according to different parameters. 


Using email verification programs is super easy and can be performed by people without any programming experience or advanced computer skills. The only thing you need to do is to copy and paste the required address to the special program’s field. Then hit the button and get the results of the email validation in a few seconds. It is worth mentioning that you can either check one address or use bulk checks for multiple addresses. This process is also called an email spam test that enables the users to make sure that a particular email address owner really exists. 


It is also important to note that the service doesn’t send any real emails to the addresses you are checking. This means the email owners of the validating addresses will not know about being verified. The program works in an “invisible mode” and doesn’t send any messages or spam to any emails. That is why no one will identify you are using the email address checker. 

How does an email validator work? Which parameters does it check? 

An automated email tester retrieves individual MS records from the chosen address and initiates establishing a connection with an email server emulating sending a message. This process allows checking whether there is a real mailbox associated with a specific address or user. In most cases, you will get precise and true-to-life results. However, there are still some servers that can’t take part in this process. This way, the result of the email address verification will not be as top-notch as expected. Nevertheless, the tool is a powerful and handy solution that can effectively analyze hundreds of addresses in just a few clicks. 

Who can use the email test software? 

Generally, the service can be used by any enthusiasts who need to check email online. But mostly, the platform is used by a large number of professionals in various fields:

  • IT experts

  • Marketing gurus

  • Small and big businesses

  • Non-profitable organizations

  • Other individuals


Even in case you just want to send messages to your friends, mates, colleagues, or family members, you can easily use the service for your convenience. There is no need to register or create a personal profile for using the utility - you can launch your verification process immediately right when you visit the program’s web page. The tool is exceptionally smart and convenient - you are not required to install or set any additional software to start using the utility. It is a fully-featured solution that doesn’t need adding any extra packs or managing. 


Is there any API for developers?

Currently, there is no API for developers. There is a server version with an API we are working at, but the release date is not set yet. 

The advantages of using the email validation tool

The number of benefits offered by the service is whopping. Here is a list of just a few main advantages offered by the system to all clients.


Saves your time. Contacting addresses manually is a very time-consuming process. You can significantly decrease the time required for sending e-letters by removing wrong and invalid from your database. You will be able to establish contacts with only real users with correct addresses. 


Reduce marketing expenses. Taking care of your budget is one of the dizzying issues for any marketer. However, using validators will help you to reduce expenses for your marketing campaigns and spend money on something important. Controlling your budget becomes much easier with checkers. 


Check whether your emails are successfully delivered. In many cases, delivering mails might be vital for the business. For example, when you are sending commercial proposals or propositions for cooperation, you will need to make sure your recipient will get your message. 


Delete risk addresses from your database. The service checks a large number of factors to identify a particular address. These are IP, provider, and other info. 


Get full control over your expenses. The price of using checkers depends on different factors. There are also completely free packages for those who would like to try the service. 


Get detailed data about validation. The results of the email validation process are stored in the database and are available in the user’s account for 60 days. You can also export the required information to the CSV file and store it on your machine as long as you need it. 


Get a fresh and relevant list of contacts. There is nothing new that many people use temporary emails to register on various services, while many of them might often add incorrect addresses on purpose. The email checker will identify these addresses so that you can remove improper ones from your database. 


What does a “risky” status of the email mean?


The email receives this status in case it is valid, but your letter is likely not to be read. This issue often happens in two cases:

  • The email name looks like an automatically generated one. For example, [email protected]

  • The servers receive all address that is also suspicious


Does utility send messages to users’ mailboxes for validation?

No, it doesn’t. The email owner will not receive any letters from the validating service. The reason is that the checker deals only with the SMTP server. 


What does “accept all” mean? 

This status receives those addresses where the server accepts all email addresses regardless of whether they have been created or not. These addresses are marked as “risky” since there is a high chance that they are not owned by real people or companies. 


Can “deliverable” address bounce?

Around 96% of “deliverable” addresses will not bounce. However, the verifications can’t provide you a 100% guarantee that a particular mail will not bounce. The verification is precise, but there are still some risks checkers can’t detect. 


Is it possible to check only one address?

Sure! It is possible to verify either one or many addresses via bulk check. 


How can I check whether a required email is valid or not? 

Just copy and paste your email to the program’s field and press the corresponding button. The program will automatically check email and provide you with detailed results. The entire process will take a few seconds. 


Can my contacts discover that I’m validating their emails?

No, they can’t. The program is working with the server but not sending any push messages or notifications to mails. 

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Common Questions About Email Verification

You may still have some questions about the email verification process. The following are some of the more common FAQs. The answers here will help you better understand the full value of our tool. If you still have questions after reviewing this section, feel free to visit our Help Desk or contact our Customer Success Team; we’re always happy to hear from you.

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Other Useful Steps to Improve Email Deliverability

Making sure your emails are properly delivered is important. Thus, senders should also consider taking these steps before sending emails to followers:

By taking these steps and using NeverBounce, you’ll be much more likely to consistently deliver emails. Luckily, our single email checker is both thorough and efficient. All you have to do is integrate it with your platform to ensure anyone who signs up for your newsletter is actually providing a valid address. This is important in the competitive field of email marketing.

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